About African Entrepreneurial Network

Formed under the blue print of social entrepreneurship – ‘Building Businesses: Enriching Lives’ the AEN comprises of entrepreneurial leaders, who are scaling social and business ventures across various sectors. AEN is a “for-profit social enterprise” firm that augments a social impact mission into a business model. EAN believes in the power of combining the compassion on non-profit with efficiency and effectiveness of business through a collective impact approach for the benefit of Bottom of the Pyramid. AEN believes that it is possible to build a successful business and “do good”. For AEN, growth is a means to greater impacts
Our vision seeks to realize the potential of exceptional youth leaders and leverage their skills and passion to build a stable, prosperous and equitable Africa through social entrepreneurship. We identify promising young African leaders with social entrepreneurial mindset and connect them to opportunities to advance and enrich their entrepreneurial skills. We also scale promising social enterprises with an impact in the society and further help build the social entrepreneurship ecosystem with focus on profit generating revenue model for sustainability.
Our model focuses on Bottom Up approach where the local actors or community members participate in decision-making of the issues that affect them in the community.
As a social enterprise we provide solutions to social entrepreneurs in line with SDGs. We have unmatched relationship working with exceptional corporate partners in Kenya who support social enterprises through their supply chain, people and networks. In addition, AEN strategy is to host Social Venture Capital Fund with partners to support innovative community projects with an impact at the bottom of the pyramid (BOP). The AEN Social Venture Capital Fund will provide seed-funding investments for social enterprises that will have a high social impact or a strong social causes for their existence, scalability and innovation.